Meet Our Team

Residential Ventures’ core of experienced professionals has the background to envision projects with immediate and long-term value, anticipating market turns and future opportunities. We are not just a team – we’re family. With 60 years’ collective experience, and 20 years of working together, we have developed an approach that leverages all of our individual strengths to create a synergy that is difficult to come by. Meet our qualified and experienced colleagues who are always striving to deliver more value to our clients.

Tim Larson, CEO and Founder

As the co-founder and CEO of Residential Ventures, Mr. Larson started his career working on small infill condominium and apartment complexes in San Diego. Throughout his career, Mr. Larson was in charge of managing developments which included site acquisition, financing, architectural planning, construction management, lease-up, and ultimate disposition.

His track record includes the development of over 40 projects, with 2 000 residential units and 800 000 square feet of commercial space. The recession in the 1990s led Mr. Larson to consider opportunities for value-add projects acquired directly from lenders.

These projects included several condominium conversions, office buildings, retail spaces, restaurant/bar projects, and loft/apartment projects, mostly situated in Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego – a highly sought after area.

Tim Larson

When the economy took a turn for the better, real estate prices shot up, and so did the value of these properties. Mr. Larson subsequently focused his energy on managing and selling the firm’s acquired assets, and by 2005, when prices had peaked, he moved to Denver, Colorado.

With a degree in accounting and finance from the University of Pacific School of Business in Stockton, California, Mr. Larson has been a licensed real estate broker in California since 1985. He lives in Denver with his family and is an adventurer who loves traveling to new places where he can learn local languages and immerse himself in other cultures.

Cam Borges, CDO and Co-Founder

Cam Borges is a co-founder and Chief Development Officer at Residential Ventures. Mr. Borges joined forces with Tim Larson in the early 2000s when they created Residential Ventures to focus on apartment conversions and multi-family real estate. Mr. Borges is in charge of acquisitions, development and management of the firm’s real estate portfolio.

Mr. Borges started his career as a real estate insurance broker in San Diego, California. Having received multiple awards, he was well-versed in sales management and marketing which are the skills he brought to the Residential Ventures team to help the business manage good and bad markets.

Mr. Borges has a proactive and involved style, with a creative perspective that always contributes immense value by supporting projects related to office

buildings, warehouse-loft conversions, as well as the rehabilitation and repositioning of residential assets. His deep understanding of urban projects and how to transform properties into highly desirable investment opportunities speak to his expertise and experience.

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mr. Borges speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese and spends his free time traveling, kitesurfing, and snowboarding.

Deborah Larson, COO and Co-Founder

Mrs. Larson is in charge of all operational duties related to the people and real estate assets at Residential Ventures. She sets and manages best practice in HR and IT, either internally or by developing partnerships with Service Providers, Field Operations, and Finance. Mrs. Larson also manages the company’s internal and external finance reporting, including compliance with accounting principles.

In her strategic capacity, Mrs. Larson optimizes the return on the company’s real estate assets which involves establishing financial policies, procedures, and reporting systems. Before she entered real estate, Mrs. Larson worked for a tax firm, helping her clients grow corporate profits. In addition, she has been part of establishing several start-ups, from birth to adulthood.

Her qualifications include a degree from United States International University, and she invests a great deal of her time in charitable causes where she speaks out for women, including speaking engagements in Uganda. A well-seasoned traveler, Mrs. Larson enjoys nothing more than exploring the world.