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We are a boutique multi-family real estate company, creating a positive impact in our communities by revitalizing one property at a time.

Mechanics Building

Mechanics Building is a prestigious and timeless piece of Pueblo’s rich history and stands proudly at 209 North Main St. Since its original construction in 1980 and conversion into residential apartments in 2021, Mechanics Building has been a spacious home to those who enjoy exploring the restaurants and entertainment venues the ever-popular Pueblo Riverwalk has to offer.

The Dagny

The light-filled modern art deco spaces, ideal setting, and vibrant atmosphere are just three of the things that make the residential apartments at The Dagny so incredibly unique and sought-after. Built in 1974 in Birmingham and converted into residential apartments in 2020, these stunning residences at 2218 1st Ave North are an integral part of the local community and neighborhood.

Sleek Lofts

Sleek Lofts, an iconic residential community and space, was originally built as an office building in 1963. After being converted into lofts in 2008, these uniquely modern apartments enhanced the property located on 770 Grant Street, and now serve as a stylish and comfortable living space in the area.


These live-work loft apartments are conveniently located on 525 C Street in San Diego. Now a stunning addition to the Californian urban life, the Scripps lofts have kept their originality and style that made them popular after their construction in 1907. After being renovated in ‘98, these apartments are now a familiar favorite in the area.


Aberdeen Apartments is a stunning residential complex that was built in 1961 on West Abriendo Avenue in Pueblo. Despite being renovated in 2014, this unique rental complex retained its retro feel while remaining in the perfect location to harness the complex’s close proximity to some of the neighborhood’s best amenities.

La dolce vita

Built in 1988 and located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Pueblo’s south side, La Dolce Vita has become a favorite for families and young professionals after its renovation in 2014. This residential complex at 2230 Acero Ave has been an important real estate project for the neighborhood and community.

Don Quixote

Don Quixote is a centrally-located residential apartment in Lake Minnequa in Pueblo. Built in 1972, this multi-family apartment complex was renovated in 2015 and today bears testimony to the much-loved community and location this property has to offer.

Fountain Gardens

Fountain Garden Apartments is the perfect space to take advantage of this stunning apartment community’s proximity to schools, entertainment, and amenities in the centrally located neighborhood of Belmont, Pueblo. Renovated in 2015 after its construction in 1974, this invitingly warm complex is the place to be.

Brooke Lyn

Brooke Lyn Apartment House was built in 1988 and renovated in 2018. Located only 3 miles away from the I-20/I-59 in Birmingham, Brooke Lyn is a popular spot thanks to the convenience and quality of life that’s supported by the close amenities, entertainment, and education.

Gardendale Manor

Gardendale Manor, just like its name, is a garden-style apartment community that features two stories of stunning apartments built in 1996 and renovated in 2016. Located just north of Birmingham, this apartment community is an integral part of the warm, inviting, and quaint atmosphere of Gardendale.

Gardendale Oaks

Gardendale Oaks is a stunning garden-style, two-story apartment complex located in Birmingham that was built in 1986 and renovated in 2016. This apartment community is loved and sought-after thanks to its convenient location near Interstate 65, Highway 118, and State Route 31.

Mountainside Apartments

Located in downtown Birmingham, the Mountainside Apartments were built in 1970 and beautifully renovated in 2016. The Mountainside Apartments are a trifecta of affordability, location, and quality thanks to their stunning mountain views and a variety of different apartment sizes located near the UAB university campus.


Evergreen Apartments is a quaint apartment complex that was originally built in 1967 in Lake Minnequa, one of Pueblo’s oldest and historically rich neighborhoods. After being renovated in 2016, Evergreen Apartments is a stunning addition to an already lovely neighborhood.


Camelot, just like its ancient namesake, takes pride in its medieval building style. This residential community was initially built in 1966, and after being renovated in 2017, its traditional interiors never fail to impress those interested in this quaint space in West Abriendo Avenue.

Kennedy Center Office Campus

The Kennedy Center Office Campus is an office building located in one of Denver’s most popular submarkets. The four-building office complex was constructed in 1982 and renovated in 2012. In this 9-acre development site is an untapped opportunity for development near Greenwood Village, Aurora, and Denver Tech Center.

Plaza 6000

The Plaza 6000 is based in a prime location near the I-25 freeway and DTC in Denver. Renovated in 2013 and initially constructed in 1974, this stylish multi-tenant office building complex on 6000 East Evans Avenue is the place to be.

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond office building is a stylish and professional work space, as well as a fantastic development opportunity thanks to its central location in downtown Birmingham. With its large parking lot in the downtown, this office building which was built in 1905 and renovated in 2019 is set to become a new development favorite.

Projects under development


Fountain Gardens

Built in 1974 and renovated in 2015, Fountain Garden Apartments is located in beautiful Belmont. Our warm and inviting apartment community is situated in a residential neighborhood just minutes away from entertainment, dining, biking trails, shopping, bus line, public schools, library and Colorado State University — Pueblo.
The Dagny Kitchen front white

BG Parkview

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starting price: $154,600

BG Bella Vista

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starting price: $270,000

BG Metropolitan

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starting price: $138,400